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5 Tips on Selfies

Bay Area Portrait Photography - Use these selfie tips to take better pictures

Tips to make your selfies more interesting to someone besides yourself

Here are some selfie tips to turn your selfies into self portraits.
For those of you living under a rock, one of the most popular pictures to take seems to be a “selfie”, or self-portrait taken with a smart phone. So since y’all are taking a lot of them I wanted to share some selfie tips.

SELFIE TIP 1: Decide On A Subject

Just like I have said before, decide what you are taking a picture of. If it is a picture of you, then be sure you are the main subject. If it is a picture of where you are, be sure the location is the main subject.

SELFIE TIP 2: Frame The Subject

Frame up what you want to see. Sorry, there is no camera in the world that will get all of you and an entire redwood tree in one frame at arms length. So, now that you have decided what is important, decide what parts to include in your picture.


Don’t get your phone too high. Shooting down at a subject makes it smaller and appear less important. Practice taking shots that are at or just above your eye level and see if you don’t look better and less distorted than with the camera held high above your head.

selfie Tip 4: Ask For Help

Be social. Sometimes the only way to get the picture you want is to ask for help. “Hey, can you take a picture of me and my friend and this grizzly bear who is about to eat us” is a perfectly fine question to ask a stranger. People are nearly always willing to help you get the picture you want..


More often than not, if you are interested in getting a picture with someone or something, other people are too.  Be aware of other photographers, families with kids, even the subject its/themselves.  Just because it is a selfie, you don’t get to be selfish.

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