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5 Family Portrait Christmas Card Ideas

Follow these five (5) family portrait Christmas card ideas to make the experience fun.

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Its not too early to start your Family Portrait Christmas Cards

Idea 1: Start early

The simple fact is, you can’t wait until the first week of December and get Family Portrait Christmas Cards delivered before Christmas!

Here is the timeline that is generally recommended:

  • Mail your cards the first week of December.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for production and shipping of your cards. So somewhere around mid-October.
  • If you want fresh portraits taken, you should allow a couple of weeks for booking, then 2-3 weeks of processing.

All of which puts us right here at the beginning of September.

But that is for a typical year if nothing goes wrong. If you have ordered anything online lately, you know there are already shipping delays. 

And some photo labs are experiencing production slowdowns because of staffing restrictions due to COVID-19.

Well we missed all that.  But I can get your proofs to you in 24 hours, and if you make a selection quickly, get things on rush order they should arrive in time for mailing the first or second week of December.

So the time to start is now!

Idea 2: Pick a theme

What kind of theme, you ask? Well, that is entirely up to you and your family. Although I do suggest the adults reserve the right to outvote the youngsters.

Families use lots of different themes for their photo Christmas cards.

As sort of a bonus, here are five possible themes on top of the 5 card ideas:

  1. Go traditional. Many families use this yearly opportuBay Are Portrait Photography - A black family celebrates the fact they used these 5 Family Portrait Christmas Card Ideas and now they can enjoy themselvesnity to upgrade their formal portraits. Everybody gets dressed up and looks their formal best. 
  2. Go holidays. If you are the type of family that is just waiting for an excuse to start getting your holiday decorations out of the attic or garage, here is your chance!
  3. Go hobbies. Everyone in the family has something they do. Maybe Mom loves to paint, and Emily likes soccer, and Josef is a budding actor. Let’s work together and find a way to let everyone show off their avocation.
  4. Go personality. Just like everyone has different hobbies, everyone in the family has a distinct personality. I can help you plan a shoot that shows your personal characters while still being a family.
  5. Go goofy. Break out the funniest outfits you can find. Make your holiday card list wonder what you have been up to.

IDEA 3: Choose a Comfortable Photographer

This cannot be stressed enough.

Speaking of stress, you will be tense about getting the family together, wrangling everyone to one spot at the same time, looking the way they are supposed to.

The last thing you need is a fussy photographer. You don’t want someone more interested in their camera settings or everyone following instructions precisely. You want someone who can get you the holiday card picture you need.

If I may blow my horn, I may be the most laid-back photographer you will ever meet. That doesn’t mean lazy or sloppy. It is my job to take the drama out of the situation and get you working as a family.

Idea 4: Pick a card design before your shoot

To help me get you the picture you need, it helps if we both know what kind of picture we want.

Steven Covey always preaches, “Begin with the end in mind.”

So when we plan your shoot, you should have looked through some design templates so we can get a shot the will exactly fit the card you have in mind.  And vice versa.  A silly card with a formal picture may be a sly bit of sarcasm, but it will more likely just confuse Grandma.

There are literally thousands of designs available online. And if you don’t have any clue, I will be glad to help pick a design or two that we can shoot towards.

IDEA 5: Have Fun

Getting together with family should always be fun, even if it is to take pictures.

Your job will be to be who you are.  That’s all.  Sure, there will be some challenges along the way.  But that is true of just getting to the grocery store and back.

Relax.  Have fun.

And let me capture that fun so you can show your family and friends.

Bay Area Portrait Photography - Family uses the 5 Family Portrait Christmas Card Ideas to produce a classic look.

With these five family portrait Christmas card ideas under your belt, you are off to a great start on a very Happy Holiday.

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