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Jamie K is all smiles about the pricing of her portrait pricing package for photographer

“How much is this portrait package going to cost?” is one of the first questions everyone asks.

Unfortunately, the answer is “It depends”

Until I know what you are looking to get from your portrait photography, it is not fair to you to try to tell you what it will take to get that for you.

It’s like buying a car.  Do you need a family sedan?  An SUV?  A Detroit muscle car?  A Ferrari?  And what options are important to you?  Sunroof?  Luggage rack?  Leather seats? 

What I can share is that I have packages starting at $130.  And in general, people end up spending between $500-700 dollars when all is said and done.

And you will know exactly what your costs will be before we enter into any kind of agreement.  I want to get you the pictures you want in exactly the format you want them.  There is no sense buying a budget package if you have to spend hundreds of dollars on the back-end to get what you really want. 

So let’s talk about your needs and wants from your bay area portrait photography session, and find a price that is fair to both of us.

ServiceStarting At:Typical Spend:Your Cost:
Headshot$130$300-500It depends
Portraits$225$500-700It depends
Engagement / Elopement$325$600-800It depends
Family$225$500-800It depends
Senior$225$600-1200It depends

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