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Announcing a special Headshot Extravaganza!

Get the professional headshot you need at bargain basement prices

Starting at just $75

Bay Area Portrait Photography - Kim S enigmatic smile

What is a Headshot Extravagana?

The Logistics

* When: Saturday, August 27, 9 AM - 2:30 PM

*Where: Studio 510, 510 W 3rd St, Antioch, CA

What Happens?

* You will have a professional headshot taken.
The shoot itself will last 15-20 minutes.

But arrive early to check in and complete any last minute grooming. And there will be refreshments.

What Do I Get?

Your choice of one of three packages:

*5 High-Res Images suitable for social media or printing up to 12x8" - $75

* 10 High-res images suitable for social media or printing up to 12x8" - $99

* 7 Full-res images suitable for prints up to 40" wide or for publication - $135

All prices are plus applicable sales tax.  Photos are for personal use only.  If you are considering making prints, please talk to me.  I offer great prices on museum quality photo prints.

About Me

HI!  I’m Ron Olcott.

While planning a trip to Europe, I began studying in earnest how to be a better photographer. From there, my love of photography was rekindled. After my trip, I continued studying, starting first with landscapes. (You would think it would be easy. I mean, it’s just sitting there. But if you have ever played golf, you know it is not as easy as it sounds.) And eventually, I became serious about portraiture.

The challenge I love about portraits is that I am capturing your emotions instead of my own. Your reaction after translating what you are feeling into a portrait to hang on your wall makes me proud of what I do

My mission is to provide my clients with a creative look at themselves at a given moment in time to document their journey through the adventure of life and what it brings to us all.

Who needs a headshot?

In short, everyone.

As our life moves online more and more, and face-to-face meetings become scarcer and scarcer, a professional headshot becomes that critical first impression we no longer make in person.

Of course, personal service professionals have known this for a long time.  Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists have used their headshot for years to help you know them before you meet them.  And people who work in the performing arts such as actors, dancers, promoters, singers, etc have been dropping of that all important headshot to gain work almost since photography was invented.

But now this has soaked into the fabric of our everyday lives.  Here is a partial list of places that I use (or should use) my headshot:

And that doesn’t even start on all the extra places I need one as an Entrepreneur.

Book your appointment now! Before they Fill up!

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