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Sausage Fest Comedy

A FUN(NY) Night at Retro JunkiE

Shooting events is not usually up my alley, but when I was offered the chance by Art from Street Light Entertainment to shoot photos for the Sausage Fest Comedy Show at the Retro Junkie in Walnut Creek, I just couldn't resist a night of two of my favorite things: Seeing live comedy and taking pictures.

Thanks for the opportunity, Art!

Show: Sausage Fest Comedy
Production Company: Street Light Entertainment
Sponsor: HyperiZe

Location: Retro Junkie, Walnut Creek (@retrojunkiebar)

Emcee: Damian Montes (@thedamianmontes)
Headliner: Nina G, headliner (@ninagcomedian)

The lineup:

Shelby Wilson (@thinupperlip)
Anna May (@annamayrealtor)
Darryl Fountain (@airjunior23_thefootclan)
Chloe Matonis (@hardlywholesome)
James Mwaura (@realjaesmwaura)
Aivy Cordova (@aivycordova)
Tammy Tea Love (@tammytealove)
Austin Carr (@austincarrcomedy)
Iris Benson (@iabenson)
Arturo Raygoza Jr (@arturoraygozajr)

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